Sunday, November 16, 2008

#13, 28, 36, 49, 56, 67, 108, 222, 233, 264, 271, 274, 334, 335, 376, 378, 394, 395, && 493

#13- Cook Something
When did I do this? July 7, 2008

#28- Sit in my window & watch a storm
When did I do this? July 12, 2008

#36- Get at least 30 peoples phone numbers
When did I do this? July 7, 2008

#49-Make a list of 100 random things about me.
When did i do this? July 12, 2008
Here's the list of 100 random things about me:

  1. The name is Kelsey!
  2. Well I'm a girl.
  3. i'm 15 years old.
  4. I'm crazy.
  5. Can't change me.
  6. I'm really nice until you make the one wrong decision or wrong thing to say.
  7. I don't judge on the whole look thing; its unimportant; in the real world, a pretty face & ugly personality will get you no where.
  8. There isn't a whole lot to say getting to know me more will help you make your decision on making me your friend or worst nightmare.
  9. I have a cat. His name is Whiskey. He's amazing! He's almost as spaztastical as I am =]
  10. I do random things everyday.
  11. I'm an OMNIVORE. =]
  12. I adore making new friends.
  13. I love making people laugh and giggle.
  14. I think that smiles make the world go around.
  15. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs; I can get high just on laughter.
  16. I wish I could make the world smile so I try my hardest one person at a time.
  17. I pretty much love everyone.
  18. I’m a great friend.
  19. I have a very childish personality but I can be serious too.
  20. I love gummy bears and the little sour worms ( even though they make me sick =] )
  21. I think it's fantastic to break out into dancing in the mall.
  22. I sing in the key.
  23. I'm horrible at remembering things I'm supposed to.
  24. I'm amazing at remembering every word of every song i've ever heard. =]
  25. I love rubber duckies.
  26. My camera is like my kidney; I cant survive without it and it comes everywhere with me.
  27. I am ABSOLUTELY in love with neon colors of any kind
  28. I talk to myself a lot
  29. Every time I walk into a bathroom I start talking to myself.
  30. I used to have an imaginary friend, but it ran away. =[
  31. I dance like no one is watching in all kinds of places in any weather.
  32. I LOVE robots and emus and a lot of those fictional things.
  33. I used to have a billion stuffed animals.
  34. I still sleep with my teddy bear.
  35. I’ve been told that I move around a lot when I sleep and every time I move I grab my teddy bear. =]
  36. I’m freakin SPAZZILICIOUS!! =]
  37. I most definitely will remember my REAL friends in 15 years; i will, I promise.
  38. I hate when people tell me that I don’t love Chris or that I'm too young to know what love is.
  39. I love Chris & nothing is ever going to change that.
  40. I'm not going to apologize for being myself; I'm only going to say sorry if I really mean it.
  41. I don’t judge people by what I hear from other people because most of the time it isn’t true.
  42. I get pissed off very easily.
  43. I'm very protective of people I care about.
  44. If I find out you're talkin shit bout Chris, I'm going to be beyond pissed and will most likely scream and bitch and tell you off until I can‘t breathe, or if you‘re one of my best friends and you‘re talkin shit, I‘ll take a baseball bat to your face. Yeah, I’m serious. I don’t deal with that shit.
  45. I have a hard time realizing if someone is joking, so I usually assume everyone is being completely serious unless they say that they are joking.
  46. I used to warn people about how I’m a crazy emotional bitch. Usually that warning made people want to avoid me. Chris was the last person to get that warning.
  47. I’m obsessed with eyeliner. It is AMAZING!
  48. Midol + Caffeine = CRACK =] I LOVE IT!
  49. I love getting all dressed up for no reason.
  50. I get jealous VERY easily.
  51. I’m very paranoid.
  52. I am pretty much always bored.
  53. Yeah, I'm a little weird, but weirdness makes life interesting
  54. I lick rubber duckies.
  55. I kiss doorknobs.
  56. I love to tackle hug people.
  57. I always say that I'm hideous and fat and stupid even though I know it's not true.
  58. I eat all the time. I'm such a pig.
  59. Stupid jokes amuse me.
  60. Actually, pretty much everything amuses me.
  61. I'm really not shy.
  62. I tend to get stuck on certain phrases or words and just say that all the time until I come up with a new one.
  63. I'll talk to anyone.
  64. I love meeting new people.
  65. Chris is basically my life. I cant even go two seconds without thinking bout him. it's CRAZY =]
  66. My friends amaze me.
  67. I write poems all the time.
  68. My favorite number is 41507 (hmm. . wonder why . . =] )
  69. My favorite color is the color of his eyes =]
  70. My favorite memory is October 1, 2007. =]
  71. I still cry every time I remember walking away that day. =‘[
  72. I have a 20 page list of things I want to do before I die.
  73. I love anything most people would consider crazy or weird.
  74. Don't waste your time trying to figure me out. It's impossible.
  75. I have a bunch of useless "friends" that really don't mean that much to me, but then I have a few real friends that mean the world to me. Say anything about them, you're dead to me.
  76. I live for thunderstorms. The rain amazes me. And the lightning and thunder are just so calming.
  77. I love rainbows and cats, bunnies, and teddy bears.
  78. I spend the majority of my time writing, watching movies, listening to music and messaging friends.
  79. I idolize Marilyn Manson, Avril Lavigne, Slash and Axl Rose.
  80. I think Curious George is a sexy beast.
  81. My home life is not so great.
  82. From the time I was born until I was like 6 years old I had a 6 hour long video of Barney. I watched it all the time. I used to be completely obsessed with Barney.
  83. [sry, but i cant put this one on this site. i was angry when i wrote it & it would hurt peopleif i put it on here]
  84. I guess you could say that I'm pretty smart, but I don't really think I am.
  85. I dream of the day I'll finally be able to get out of this town.
  86. I hate loud noises and waking up before 9.
  87. I hate going to bed before 11.
  88. The color yellow makes me gag most of the time.
  89. I disapprove of underage drinking and smoking. And I can't stand anyone that does drugs.
  90. I hate rules and any one that enforces them.
  91. I speak my mind and have no problem telling someone off.
  92. I have a really hard time trusting people.
  93. Even though I always say what is on my mind. I have a hard time saying "I love you." It's not because I'm shy. and it's not because it's not true. It's because I'm soo scared that I'll say it and hear "okay." or silence as a response.
  94. Pretty much everyone I've ever cared about has either hurt me or abandoned me, left me all alone for this town to tear me apart.
  95. Music is my life. my inspiration. my motivation.
  96. I always talk too much.
  97. When I run out of things to say, I stare at the wall until I make it so awkward that everyone just walks away, or I just laugh like a psycho
  98. When I’m pms-ing, pretty much everyone knows it. Mostly because unlike most girls, I have no problem going up to someone and going “you know what? I’m pms-ing, so you better just back the fuck off before I make your life a living hell.”
  99. Yes, I am very emotional, so it really doesn’t take much to make me cry.
  100. I hate letting myself cry in front of people. I try not to let myself cry in front of anyone but my best friends & I won’t call anyone (cept Chris & Emily) while I’m crying.
#56 & #67
Both are things that don't really have a certain date that I did them. They happen over time. & I'd rather not talk about them. kthx =]

#108- Sleep in Someone Else's Bed
When did I do this? August 15, 2008
So yah, This one one of the funnest things from the list I've done so far.
It was Amber Abbott's bed I slept in.
So it was Amber, Me, && Jack (Amber's dog), all in one bed, a water bed. haha.
Everytime Amber was like "okay, bedtime. . ." Jack decided he'd rather run & jump and attack everyone. And being on a water bed the whole thing was moving & throwing us around. Jack kept stepping on my bladder (& I had to pee before that, so it didn't help much) && this was at like 1 or 2 in the morning so I was like dead. I'd fall asleep & then wake up to Jack stepping on my face. It was a pretty great night. A night I'll probably never forget.

#222- Hug a Tree
When did I do this? July 7, 2008
Random fact about this: I set the camera on self timer & went & hugged the tree & waited for the camera to take the picture. & probably 2 seconds after the picture was taken a bee flew out of hte tree & flew right into my face. it was crazy.

#233- Have amazing friends
When did I do this? September 20, 2008
So who are these amazing friends????? Well, Emily Schenck && Sam Hoots, of course!!

#264- Blow up a balloon until it pops
When did I do this? I don't have a specific date, I just know it was in October 2008, near Halloween.
I was blowing up balloons so me & my mom could draw faces on them (I know, we're dorks, right? yepp) && anyway, these balloons have been around forever & were reallyyy thin, I kept blowing up balloons & over half of them popped. My mom jumped every time a balloon popped. It was pretty great.

#271- Have a lesbian experience
When did this happen?!?! September 21, 2008 (then it happened again the next night.)
No pictures for this one. [I did have pictures, but I decided that they were too "inappropriate" so I deleted them.]
But yah, I do have the story.
Okay, it was Saturday, the 21st, Me & Sam had been at Emily's since school got out Friday, & we were with Emily all weekend (til Sunday night) so yah. You'd think we'd be bored being together for such a long time, but we werent, at all. I was wearing a strapless shirt & when we went into the grocery store, Sam thought she'd be all funny & shit & pull my shirt down, well she did, & the bra went with it & so I basically flashed this woman that was in the aisle we were in. It was hilarious, I was embarassed, but it was hilarious. Sam was all "OMG!" cuz she didnt mean to pull everything off of me. So when we go back to Emily's house, we go into Emily's room & i dont remember exactly how it got to this, (i think it was like, Sam wanted to help me cross off things on my list & what happened in the store gave her the idea) so she takes her shirt off & rubs her bare boobs on me & goes "THERES UR LESBIAN EXPERIENCE!!" hahahaha; it was soo freakin amusing. && then the next night, we were at Harvest Fest, (well, actually we were in the parking lot by this guy's jeep) && my bf (who is now an ex) Ryan was there, Sam & Steve & Emily & a few other people were there, but me & Ryan were kinda away from everyone else, so then I'm like "hmm, i didnt get a picture last night, so here Ryan, take my camera, you're gonna take the pic." then i scream "SAM!!!! GET UR TITS OVER HERE!!" so she comes over & i'm like, "we're gettin a pic of what happened last night" so she pulls her shirt down & puts her boobs on me & Ryan took the pic. haha. This is how that weekend became known as "the weekend of tits and teeth" (the teeth part is cuz everyone was biting & being bit. great weekend)

#274- Leave bruises all over Sam
When did I do this? October 20, 2008
I had a repeat on the list so she came up with this one. (I don't like to hurt people, i wouldnt put this on the list, but she came up with it & yah, it works)
So yah, I do have a pic, && the bruises are from me biting her.
&& it's okay, cuz I had (& still have) bruises from her biting me. =]

#334- Say sorry to someone
When did I do this? October 21 or 22, 2008
So yah, this really doesn't happen very often. I hav a hard time saying "I'm sorry" but I really had to this time. I felt horrible about it. On the 20th or 21st, Tommy told me how Ryan said he broke up with me (when really that never happened) so I went & found Ryan, told him what Tommy said, of course, he denied everything. So I got pissed off & started crying, when the lunch hour was over, I go back into the school & find Tommy & I smack him (like really hard) & go "wtf?! dont lie to me." then i call Ryan over & i'm liek "okay, so lets hear what really happened." Turns out that what Ryan said is "Brynn told me Kelsey is going to break up with me today" & Tommy turned that into "Good news! I broke up with Kelsey!" but yah, idk. i still felt horrible about hitting him & so I found him the next day & told him I was sorry.

#335- Dance in the Street
Whan did this happen? August 8, 2008
Not much to say really, I was at Emily's hosue for a few hours, she wanted to help me do things on my list. So we go out in the street in front of her house & i danced. it was pretty fun =]

#376- Meet someone whose name starts with "J"
When when did this happen? September 9, 2008
The kid's name is Joe.

#378- Meet someone whose name starts with "L"
When when did this happen? September 9, 2008
Her name is Lauren. (i could have that spelled all wrong. i probably do. sry. =/)

#394- Meet someone whose name starts with "R"
When when did this happen? September 9, 2008
His name is Ryan. Sam took the pic. & the funny thing is, that same day, I wrote him a note. told him to call me. He asked me out that night. pretty great.

#395- Meet someone whose name starts with "S"
When when did this happen? September 9, 2008
Her name is Sam.

#493- Ask a stranger to marry me
When did I do this? September 5, 2008
I did this on MSN. The guy's name was Jason (i think...I'm pretty sure). idk. I have a screenshot for this. so yah.
Honestly, you'd think this would be one I'd really remember, but it's really not. =/

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