Sunday, November 16, 2008

#17- Dance like no one's watching.

When did this happen? November 15, 2008

Sorry, there are no pictures, but here's the story.
It was last night at Heather & Michael's wedding reception.
I danced to a few songs.
I was sitting there with my mom & Heather get the microphone & calls me up to dance. so I go up & dance.
But there were 2 really memorable dances last night.
One was when my dad said he wanted to hear "Rockstar" by Nickelback.
So we tell Heather & I get her to dance with me to it.
We were the only two dancing, so people were most likely staring, but I didn't care. I kept dancing like i was in my own bedroom. Heather fell on her butt (but it's cool, cuz it wasnt noticeable. && anyway, she'd had a few too many, but it was her night, so who cares.)
&& then the other memorable dance was when I got my dad out on the dance floor.
Sure, it was after 90% of the people had left, & there was maybe only20 ppl still there, but still.
The song was "Nothing But A Good Time" by Poison.
It was the first time my dad had gone out & danced in 11 years.
I'll never forget it. =]

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