Friday, November 21, 2008

#200, 369 & 580

#20- write my e-mail on a dollar bill
When did i do this? November 20, 2008
So this happened when I was sitting in Spanish. I sit by my best-est-est friend EMILY in that class & so I told her I have the list with me. & then she's like "I have a dollar here, you could do that one & get it crossed off your list" so she gives me the dollar, i write my email address on it & give it back to her, she flips it over & on the back writes her amazing thing about dreams. so the next person to get that dollar should be amused.
#369- Meet someone whose name starts with a "C"
When did this happen? 11-17-2008
His name is Chad.

#580- write song quotes all over my arms
When did i do this? 11-20-2008
So this would most deff be one of the fun ones.
It started with one thing wrote on the back of my hand & within 4 class hours my whole arm ++ part of the other was completely covered. People kept asking me about it. A few people thought I was weird, I could tell by the looks they gave me. But oh wellz.

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Anonymous said...

If you're still looking for 20 more things to complete your 600.
Make friends with a gay/alternative lifestyle person.
Shoot whiskey straight.
Drink champagne for the hell of it.
Ask a stranger to dance.