Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Is The List

  1. Watch a sunset & sunrise
  2. grow something
  3. ride a rollercoaster
  4. take photos of friends and family
  5. tell someone you love them
  6. go outside and lie on the grass
  7. go to a concert
  8. watch a cinema classic
  9. take a walk in the rain
  10. surprise someone
  11. sleep under the stars
  12. learn something new
  13. cook something
  14. be happy
  15. write a novel
  16. listen to my heart & follow it
  17. dance like no ones watching
  18. find out who i am & don’t run away
  19. meet someone i met on the internet in real life
  20. learn to dance
  21. sing/dance/jump madly in the rain
  22. learn to belly dance
  23. be more self-confident
  24. set aside time to spend w/ people I love
  25. go to all 50 states
  26. have a friend spend the night
  27. have a mother/daughter slumber party
  28. sit in my window & watch a storm
  29. lay on my roof & just let the rain pour down on me
  30. work on scrapbook
  31. clean room & keep it clean for @ least one week
  32. watch a diff. movie each week for @ east 3 weeks
  33. adopt child
  34. volunteer @ a nursing home
  35. spend a day doing stuff with my mom
  36. get @ least 30 people’s phone numbers
  37. giant pillow fight
  38. talk on the phone all night
  39. watch a really scary movie
  40. dance in the moonlight
  41. jump off a bridge
  42. lay on my back for an hour & watch the clouds go by
  43. sneak out of somewhere w/o being noticed
  44. identify 100 things that make m happy
  45. watch the top 100 movies
  46. start a book of quotes that mean something to me
  47. have a yr long relationship
  48. make my horoscope come true for a month
  49. make a list of 100 random things about myself
  50. make a list of everything that makes me laugh
  51. befriend someone I don’t like
  52. wish on a shooting star
  53. fall in love
  54. answer phone w/ something other than "hello?"
  55. *personal*
  56. *personal*
  57. go to a crowded place where i don’t know anyone & just watch people go by
  58. go to a park w/ someone @ dawn & talk until its so dark we cant see each other
  59. call someone, tell them to look out their window, & be standing on their front lawn
  60. know EVERYTHING about someone else
  61. Have a long conversation w/ a stranger
  62. have a dream come true
  63. write a letter to someone i fell out of touch with, begin with "hey stranger"
  64. send someone a letter every day for a year
  65. try cardio kickboxing
  66. water balloon fight
  67. *personal*
  68. call someone & sing to them
  69. just be myself
  70. say "hello darlin" instead of "hi" for 1 week
  71. tell someone everything about me & my life
  72. take a shower as cold as it gets
  73. tell a complete stranger the story of my life
  74. get a strangers #
  75. make a friend out of someone that looks lonely
  76. be completely honest for one day
  77. fill a notebook w/ lists
  78. lay on the hood of a car & look @ the stars
  79. sneak out of the house to sit outside & look at the moon
  80. have a boyfriend on valentines day
  81. have at least 600 things on this list
  82. throw a penny in to a massive waterfall & make a wish
  83. take a long walk down a gravel road in autumn
  84. write to my favorite. band & get an answer back
  85. fall asleep in the arms of someone i love
  86. attend @ least 1 major sporting event
  87. learn to speak a foreign lang. & use it
  88. watch the launch of a space shuttle
  89. own a room w/ a view
  90. learn how to take a compliment
  91. give mom a dozen roses & tell her i love her
  92. be a member of the audience in a TV show
  93. plant a tree
  94. stay out all night & go to work the next day w/o having gone home
  95. make a complete & utter fool out of myself
  96. spend a whole day reading a great novel
  97. look into your child's eyes, see yourself & smile
  98. write a letter to my future child
  99. make a video diary
  100. have a white Christmas
  101. catch a snowflake on my tongue
  102. make a cheesecake
  103. write a song
  104. write a poem
  105. send a message in a bottle
  106. picnic at midnight
  107. be a punk for a day
  108. sleep in someone else’s bed
  109. go somewhere w/ one of my best friends & make people think we're lesbians
  110. take a picture everyday for a month
  111. spend a day handcuffed to someone
  112. perform acts from how to lose a guy in 10 days on an unsuspecting victim
  113. go to town & try on many clothes which i don’t intend to buy
  114. make a list of everyone i care about & do one good thing for each of them
  115. dance in random places just because you can
  116. go naked
  117. scuba-dive
  118. become a parents
  119. quit your job
  120. visit Paris
  121. test drive a Ferrari
  122. read a classic novel
  123. go to the theatre
  124. learn to swim
  125. take a last minute city break
  126. have a favorite joke
  127. treat yourself to a health spa
  128. take a hot-air balloon ride
  129. give to charity
  130. climb a mountain
  131. phone in work sick & relax
  132. Christmas in New York
  133. eat healthy food s for 1 day
  134. send a secret to []
  135. try yoga
  136. talk to a stranger
  137. release 20 balloons & stay until i see every one disappear
  138. count all the sheets on a roll of toilet paper & make sure it has as many as it says it does
  139. carve my initials & my significant others initials into a tree
  140. visit all 50 states & take pictures w/ every "welcome to" sign
  141. send a letter
  142. take time out by myself
  143. watch sunrise & set w/ someone i care about
  144. have a serious heart to heart with someone that completely changes my life for the better
  145. picnic in a secluded spot
  146. send a love letter to someone on valentines day
  147. send a love letter to someone on Halloween
  148. send a love letter to someone on new years
  149. swim w/ a dolphin
  150. skydive
  151. have your portrait painted
  152. hang out @ an airport & watch people
  153. make a list of 100 people i care about
  154. finish baby blanket
  155. tie a note to a balloon& release it as the sun rises
  156. find someone that I can look up to
  157. spend the night awake outside watching the sunset & then rise
  158. say the #15 in 15 diff. languages
  159. wear something outrageous
  160. write my biggest secret on a paper airplane & throw it off a building
  161. dress "cute"
  162. read Dances With Wolves
  163. read The Haunted Bridge
  164. actually work out for at least a week
  165. get stomach to be flat. . =/
  166. karaoke w/ friends
  167. learn & use 1 new word each day for a week
  168. read 500 books
  169. perfect my signature
  170. jump off a bridge
  171. learn to like myself
  172. dress up like Santa
  173. pull off a really cool April fools prank
  174. learn to say "i love you" in 10 diff. languages
  175. do something nice for someone who will never find out
  176. go horse riding
  177. go to a sporting event
  178. do a parachute jump
  179. visit the pyramids
  180. know your neighbors
  181. ask a stranger for a date
  182. have a fun bet
  183. sample foreign food
  184. go whale watching
  185. get tipsy with good company
  186. visit Machu Picchu
  187. see what’s happening in your community
  188. see the northern lights
  189. serenade someone
  190. visit a museum
  191. dance & sing whenever the feeling takes me
  192. be outside in the middle of a massive thunderstorm
  193. do something that scares me/take a risk every week
  194. wear a short skirt & a long jacket
  195. visit Canada
  196. visit Mexico
  197. learn basic phrases in + languages
  198. paint a picture
  199. have a handwritten diary
  200. write my e-mail on a dollar bill
  201. keep a journal for at least a year
  202. throw a huge party & invite everyone i know
  203. go on a road trip
  204. have my own secret get away that no one else knows about
  205. leave notes in library books
  206. complete a crossword
  207. build a snowman
  208. collect @ least 100 quotes
  209. contribute to a Wikipedia article
  210. tell someone that i have a crush on that i like them
  211. go up a down escalator
  212. write a love letter to my future husband
  213. tell someone what i think about them
  214. be in 2 places @ once
  215. make a list of 100 random things about me
  216. let someone else decide what I'm going to wear one day
  217. memorize the lyrics of at least 3 of my favorite songs
  218. act my shoe size for a day
  219. stay up for 48 hours
  220. stay up until midnight for new years
  221. say "i love you" & mean it
  222. hug a tree
  223. visit Paris
  224. watch a lightning storm
  225. stay up all night & watch the sunrise
  226. grow & eat my own vegetables
  227. change a baby's diaper
  228. watch a meteor shower
  229. have an uncontrollable giggling fit @ the worst possible moment
  230. have a snowball fight
  231. scream as loudly as i possibly can
  232. dance like a fool & not care who is looking
  233. have amazing friends
  234. dance w/ a stranger in a foreign country
  235. rock climbing
  236. midnight walk on the beach
  237. play in the mud/ mud wrestling
  238. play in the rain
  239. go to a drive-in theater
  240. fall in love & not have my heart broken
  241. make cookies from scratch
  242. walk the golden gate bridge
  243. sing loudly in the car & don’t stop when u know someone is looking
  244. have my 1st kiss
  245. adopt a cat or dog from an animal shelter
  246. get a massage
  247. volunteer for something
  248. go to a random place
  249. drive down a 2 lane highway in the desert windows down, blasting “Freebird”
  250. hike to the top of somewhere & admire the view
  251. leave lipstick prints on someone's mirror
  252. be thrown into a pool with all my clothes on
  253. dance in the rain w/ my best friend
  254. look straight up & spin until your so dizzy u cant stand up
  255. water your dog
  256. wash a tree
  257. give your cat a mohawk
  258. run around in squares
  259. speak in acronyms
  260. ask stupid questions
  261. throw marshmallows against the wall
  262. hold an ice cube as long as possible
  263. adopt strange mannerisms
  264. blow up a balloon until it pops
  265. swear in Russian
  266. use an eraser until it goes away
  267. dance until i collapse
  268. meet the pope
  269. be the most awesome
  270. make love on a roof
  271. have a lesbian experience
  272. eat pineapple for breakfast
  273. read top 50 book titles
  274. Leave bruises all over Sam (she came up with this one, i didnt. i'm not a horrible person!!)
  275. carve my & my boyfriend’s initials in a marshmallow
  276. recite romantic poetry to my toaster
  277. find as many words as i can in ASPHYXIATED
  278. write pop band hate mail
  279. call random #s & make up funny stories
  280. read the dictionary
  281. have a movie marathon
  282. visit all 7 continent
  283. graduate high school
  284. learn to drive
  285. learn how to cook
  286. get a job
  287. read To Kill A Mockingbird
  288. buy a home
  289. skydiving
  290. go on a cruise
  291. lord of the rings movie marathon
  292. ride horse
  293. watch 1000 movies
  294. meet someone famous
  295. sponsor a child
  296. eat pizza in Italy
  297. take a bubbles bath & blow the bubbles off my hand all over the place
  298. watch at least 3 Monty python movies
  299. have palm read
  300. attempt to order pizza @ McDonalds
  301. take a photo I can proudly hang on the wall
  302. give a random person a Christmas gift
  303. hug a random person& say "thanks for last night"
  304. spend more than 4 hours talking on the phone to someone
  305. go to the top of a lighthouse
  306. watch sunrise by the beach
  307. pick a few photos & make a calendar for family & friends
  308. visit Canadian Rockies
  309. learn how to kick box
  310. visit Europe
  311. overcome a fear
  312. breakfast in bed
  313. go to the top of the Statue of Liberty
  314. Kiss in the rain
  315. walk down Abbey Road
  316. Ask to see the menu when ordering pizza by phone
  317. ride in a blimp
  318. have a picnic
  319. ride an elephant
  320. go on a road trip w/ no particular destination
  321. go on a safari
  322. teach a child to read
  323. read every book in a series that has more than 10 books in it
  324. go into a library & randomly select a book & read it
  325. run through a busy street in a foreign city wearing pjs
  326. host a dinner party
  327. read The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy
  328. Start your own strange holiday
  329. roll on your side down a grassy bank
  330. get completely soaked in the rain
  331. sit on Santa’s lap
  332. do something my parents told me not to
  333. play naked volleyball
  334. say "sorry" to someone
  335. dance in the street
  336. go to the zoo & rename all the animals
  337. smile @ at least 5 people
  338. go through all my old stuff
  339. re-arrange your house
  340. play on a swing set
  341. write an "i love you because. . ." letter
  342. put on fake tattoos
  343. cuddle with teddy bear
  344. cover myself with band-aids
  345. hot shower/relaxing bath
  346. have a pillow fight with the wall
  347. dress up glamorous
  348. watch a candle burn
  349. hug random people all day
  350. dance w/ a random person in a random place
  351. build a pillow fort
  352. hug myself
  353. randomly wave at people
  354. memorize a German poem
  355. color w/ crayons
  356. find butterflies
  357. watch fish
  358. come up with baby names
  359. Meet someone w/ a name that starts w/ A
  360. name all of your stuffed animals
  361. get into my pjs & just veg.
  362. plan my wedding
  363. Try to make words out of my name
  364. Go clubbing
  365. Plan a dinner party
  366. Play w/ a slinky
  367. Buy yourself some toys and play
  368. meet someone w/ a name that starts with B
  369. meet someone w/ a name that starts with C
  370. meet someone w/ a name that starts with D
  371. meet someone w/ a name that starts with E
  372. meet someone w/ a name that starts with F
  373. meet someone w/ a name that starts with G
  374. meet someone w/ a name that starts with H
  375. meet someone w/ a name that starts with I
  376. meet someone w/ a name that starts with J
  377. meet someone w/ a name that starts with K
  378. meet someone w/ a name that starts with L
  379. meet someone w/ a name that starts with M
  380. meet someone w/ a name that starts with N
  381. kiss Chris
  382. Have sex
  383. Have kids
  384. Get married
  385. Befriend a homeless person
  386. Find a pet on the side of the road & take it in
  387. Adopt a child from Africa/Asia/both
  388. Kiss a colored person
  389. Audition for “so u think u can dance”
  390. Listen to 1 band I haven’t heard of each month for a year
  391. meet someone w/ a name that starts with O/X/Y-or-Z
  392. meet someone w/ a name that starts with P
  393. meet someone w/ a name that starts with Q
  394. meet someone w/ a name that starts with R
  395. meet someone w/ a name that starts with S
  396. meet someone w/ a name that starts with T
  397. meet someone w/ a name that starts with U
  398. meet someone w/ a name that starts with V
  399. meet someone w/ a name that starts with W
  400. fill carts @ wal-mart & abandon them
  401. set the alarm clocks to go off @ 10 min intervals
  402. Spray as many air fresheners as possible
  403. Walk really slow when people r behind me
  404. Tell an employee “I think we’ve got a code 3 in housewares”
  405. Play with the automatic doors
  406. Walk up to a stranger & say “HI! I haven’t seen you in so long!”
  407. Walk through the clothing/jewelry & say “Who buys this junk?!”
  408. Follow people through the aisles always staying 5 ft away
  409. When someone asks you if you need help, cry & ask “WHY WON’T YOU PEOPLE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE?!
  410. Run up to a male employee, squeeze legs together & scream “I need tampons!!”
  411. Say things like “would u be so kind as to direct me to your Twinkies?”
  412. When an announcement comes on, scream “NO! it’s those voices again!”
  413. Put women’s panties on your head & walk around the store
  414. Fill cart with boxes of condoms & attempt to buy them
  415. Ask an employee to page customer “Mike Hunt”
  416. Crawl on the ground & act like a cat
  417. Excessively use anything that says “try me”
  418. Form a line that leads to nothing& act all excited
  419. Walk up to a guy, say “It’s YOU! I haven’t seen you in forever!” then kiss him, say “ why didn’t you ever call me?!” & walk away
  420. flour fight
  421. take a walk @ 2 in the morning
  422. watch every episode of That 70's Show
  423. Lean to dance salsa
  424. learn to dance tango
  425. tell everyone why i love them
  426. actually tell him i love him more often
  427. actually listen to every song on all my CDs in one week
  428. write the story of my life
  429. take pole dancing lessons
  430. leave a love note under someone's windshield wiper
  431. wear a fancy dress for a whole day
  432. talk to a stranger in the street/store
  433. make a heap of fall leaves & jump in them
  434. smile @ 100 people & count how many smile back
  435. pretend to be invisible
  436. pole dancing in the park
  437. sex in a public pool during an earthquake
  438. burn/shred/destroy my bra
  439. leave a thong in my neighbors mailbox
  440. dance on a rooftop
  441. learn a strip tease
  442. color an entire coloring book
  443. leave 100 post-its with my favorite quotes in random places
  444. have a threesome lesbian experience
  445. give someone a blowjob
  446. have anal sex
  447. Ask a stranger if something looks good on me (clothes, shoes sunglasses. . )
  448. Harry Potter movie marathon
  449. Walk around town in heels & short skirt/dress & not care what people think
  450. High 5 a random person
  451. Go to Ireland
  452. Build a gummy bear village
  453. See the 7 wonders of the world
  454. Water fight
  455. don’t eat meat for a week
  456. Play truth or dare
  457. Leave a note taped to the door saying “be back later” & just leave
  458. Get dirty
  459. Catch fireflies
  460. Help out @ a daycare
  461. Learn sign language
  462. Ride in a plane
  463. Go to top of the Eiffel tower
  464. Go to church
  465. Watch 24 hours of “24” w/o falling asleep
  466. Make a family tree
  467. Kiss someone I just met
  468. Make love on a kitchen floor
  469. Make love on a train
  470. Ride a camel into the desert
  471. Be a movie extra
  472. Plant a tree
  473. Be in the jury
  474. Shower in a waterfall
  475. Write my will
  476. Eat Swiss chocolate in Switzerland
  477. Tour (somewhere) by train
  478. Visit the great wall of China
  479. Christmas on the beach
  480. Learn to juggle
  481. New years in a place I’ve never been
  482. Visit Italy
  483. Go to the superbowl
  484. Find a 4-leaf clover
  485. Make love in all 50 states
  486. Join the mile high club
  487. Make a music video
  488. Make a porno
  489. Turn my mp3 player on & sing along with the songs
  490. Call someone just to sing or leave an “I love you” message on their answering machine
  491. Sit in the middle of the road w/ someone
  492. Fly to Christchurch, New Zealand in the winter & take a train across the island to the west coast
  493. Ask a stranger to marry me
  494. Lick a dog
  495. Marry my rubber ducky
  496. Drink 2 liters of mountain dew in 7 minutes
  497. Tell a stranger that I’m pregnant
  498. Ask Santa where babies com from & why Ken don’t got any junk
  499. get a bright pink tutu & checkered leggings & wear them in public
  500. Help an old person across the street
  501. Meet a cross dresser
  502. Watch Aladdin
  503. Ask a stranger if they would have sex w/ me
  504. Have a threesome
  505. Skydive off the Hawaiian coastline
  506. Grow old w/ someone
  507. Take a road trip from east coast to the pacific
  508. Have sex against a tree
  509. Go to the Rock & Roll History Museum
  510. Go to Alaska
  511. Sex in a public restroom
  512. Go to Salem, MA on Halloween
  513. Go to Mardi Gras
  514. Go to college
  515. Get out of this town for just one night w/ friends
  516. Have a REAL friend for at least 20 yrs
  517. Cross country on a bicycle.
  518. Live like a local for a month
  519. Go to Chicago
  520. Visit a “real” blues bar in Chicago
  521. Travel India by train
  522. Swim w/ a whale shark
  523. Dance tango in Argentina
  524. Surf
  525. Cross a glacier on foot
  526. Climb an active volcano
  527. Photograph an endangered species
  528. Participate in Burning Man
  529. Cross country using only public transportation
  530. Spend all night in a storied/historic hotel
  531. Travel to Germany to experience the Love Parade
  532. Go to Oktoberfest
  533. Visit the birth place & grave site of a cultural icon
  534. Visit every capital city in Europe
  535. Visit Stonehenge
  536. See Rome
  537. Witness something truly amazing
  538. Help a complete stranger
  539. Laugh til I cry
  540. Ride a cow
  541. Make out with Sam (…like this is actually gonna happen? Yah, okay, keep dreaming Emily…)
  542. Kiss Emily’s boob (grrr. Sam, WTF?!)
  543. Lick someone else’s lips (thx Emily….)
  544. Take a pic w/ a sheep
  545. Ride in a glass bottom boat
  546. Celebrate a holiday for a culture that’s not your own
  547. Go up to ppl & tell them that they’re my hero & get a pic of them (at least 5 ppl)
  548. Sleep in a car
  549. Times square on New Year’s Day
  550. Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  551. Go to Athens, Greece
  552. Go to Beijing, China
  553. Go to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  554. Go to Berlin, Germany
  555. Go to Dubrovnik, Croatia
  556. Learn to bartend
  557. Blow bubbles fro the top of a tall building.
  558. Write a letter to a loved one as if I was going to die
  559. Visit Folsom Prison
  560. Go back & visit a teacher I had
  561. Take someone I barely know out for dinner
  562. Learn to break-dance
  563. Spend a whole 24 hours in a car w/ friends
  564. Cuddle with a baby kitten at a adoption center
  565. Go to Pemberton Music Festival (in Pemberton, BC, Canada)
  566. Go to Bonnaroo Music + arts festival
  567. Learn how to play an instrument
  568. Sing along in a music store
  569. Draw/Paint a self-portrait
  570. Prepare a meal for family and/or friends
  571. Sing with friends for 2 hours straight
  572. Stay up from Friday night til Sunday night.
  573. go watch the running of the bulls in Spain
  574. go to Timbuktu, Africa
  575. See the Statue of Liberty
  576. Find something about me/the list on someone elses blog
  577. let someone set me up with someone
  578. go to a pet store and pet a mouse
  579. make my own recipe
  580. write song quotes all over my arms
  581. Shoot whiskey straight.
  582. Drink champagne for the hell of it.
  583. Ask a stranger to dance.
  584. Say what I'm feeling when I feel it, even if it's scary of hurts
  585. Hug a random person every day for a week
  586. stop cussing for a week
  587. go for a walk in hollywood earing crazy clothes
  588. parasailing
  589. empty out & the climb inside a fridge & get pics
  590. draw smiley faces on all my fingers
  591. get lip pierced
  592. [_____________________; i erased whatever was there, so i need new idea]
  593. [_____________________; i erased whatever was there, so i need new idea]
  594. dance all night
  595. dye hair a weird color (even if it's just temporary)
  596. kiss a girl
  597. dress up & act like a guy for a day
  598. order pizza in italian
  599. say yesto everything for a day
  600. dance in the snowflakes; go out in the street & dance in the snow


Reverend Loy said...

#382 - For the love of God WAIT!
#385 - A noble goal. Homeless people need love too.
#388 - What color?

I must tell you, you make me proud and a little ashamed. Not only do you have more items that seem a lot more fun but you also have been keeping better track of your list than I have. I realize that somebody else has already blogged about you but I put a little snippet about you on my blog as well.

Thank you for watching my blog. I'll be keeping an eye on you as well. I suspect that you have a long way to go and the world is your oyster young lady. Take care.

techniqueal t. said...

hi! i found your blog through things2do-before-i-die and whoa, m i thoroughly impressed with how you kept track of this list!

best of luck young lady. your blog amazed me! ^_^