Saturday, March 28, 2009

#332- Do something my parents told me not to.

I did this one in December of 2008.
This is one I didn't do on purpose, it just happened.
I don't like to think about it much.
It scares me.
I talked to a guy I met online.
I gave him my phone number... home phone number.
Things he said started getting strange.
I got scared.
I don't talk to him anymore.
But for all I know he could be one of those creepy old people you see on that To Catch A Predator show.
I still get scared when I think about it.
My parents had told me to not talk to anyone online that I didn't know in person, I wish I had listened, if I had listened to them then I wouldn't have to be scared every minute of every day of my life.
So for anyone reading this, please, be smart. All those sites & parents & most people say "Don't talk to people you don't know." for a reason.
Don't trust everyone you meet, most people don't deserve to be trusted.
The only good thing that came from doing this one is that I learned a lesson and that is that People should have to earn your trust, don't just assume that everyone has good intentions because. honestly, most people don't.